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Scheduler will schedule events for resources or time an event for a resource and display the results in a flexible calendar format, daily, weekly etc. Scheduled events can be recurring, or a one-time event. Timed events can be initiated on demand and categorized after or during the duration of the event. Timed tasks can be restarted to accumulate time for a task. On demand events can help capture the phone call, small tasks, or other activity to put it into a billable group and capture the time that often seems to slip away.

Scheduled events can help organize and manage tasks for yourself, or jobs for employees. Recurring events can help manage and bill future tasks. IMScheduler can operate in a stand-alone environment using the built-in customer and task list, or integrated with Adagio Receivables and IMS JobTracker to track or schedule client projects or JobTracker jobs. The calendar display can be configured to display some or all resources for one or multiple days. IMScheduler is a new flexible way to manage or capture time, display the results in a calendar format and bill it easily through JobTracker, Adagio Invoices or Adagio Order Entry.

Create Employee/Resource types.
Create Employee Groups.
Create Employees, assign them to Groups and Resource Types.
Connect to Receivables or enter clients in the Scheduler client list.
Start Scheduling Tasks or Tracking and accumulating time.
Define recurring events or tasks when applicable.

One click to schedule an event or start timing a task for a resource (employee).
When you schedule an event it can be for a few hours and can be recurred for a multiple of intervals.
Task or Event timing can be initiated on a key stroke. Time the event and relate it to a client, a job or an activity at any time during the event. Stop it, Restart, accumulate time and save as required.
Organize the calendar display by resource type to display only specific resources that have been defined. For example, only display employees that have been defined as technician resources.
Print a report of events for a date range.
Invoice recorded time through JobTracker, Adagio Invoices, CounterSales or Order Entry.

Capture your time and report it in a manner that can be billed to the client in a detailed or summary format.