Purchase products and services.

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Control purchasing by Account Budget and Purchaser

PO Tracker for Adagio provides simple PO purchase order and receipt functions that can be used with Adagio Inventory, and Adagio Payables, or in a standalone purchasing environment. A POTracker’s OrderList can be Auto-Generated from JobTracker, Inventory, or OrderEntry data. Print, edit, and process the generated list to create vendor purchase orders. Purchase stock, non-stock, miscellaneous or JobTracker parts and services as required. POTracker will receive shipments against purchase orders until completed or receive goods directly without first creating a purchase order. Receipts can be edited until they are posted to Payables. Distribute additional vendor or other costs on the invoice to items received or expense the additional vendor amount to the Ledger. Create a payables batch with Day End processing. Add or edit items while purchasing or receiving, and copy an existing purchase order to create a new one. Integrated with JobTracker, CounterSales, Inventory, Payables, Ledger, SerialTracker, Barcode Tables, and LabelPrint. Purchase items for a job and have the item costs automatically added to or updated on receipt for that job. Warn or prevent purchases from exceeding an amount specified in Ledger budgets, a JobTracker budget or a POTracker project amount. Approve purchase orders to a specified limit. This is a comprehensive purchasing solution that will work with a multicurrency database.

Features and Benefits

  • Designate users that can Approve purchase orders and their approval limit.
  • Select stock or non-stock inventory items and place them on the purchase order.
  • Add and edit purchase order details until the first receipt is posted.
  • Record purchase order comments and detailed item comments as needed.
  • Add part on a purchase order to a JobTracker
  • Update JobTracker cost when the part is received.
  • Receive multiple receipts against a purchase order.
  • Receive all or selected items against a purchase order.
  • Distribute additional cost to expenses or add the amount to the cost of items received.
  • Create payables batch at Day End processing.
  • Copy existing purchase orders to create a new one.
  • Add serial numbers to SerialTracker for items on a receipt.
  • Receive items using a scanner and the built in barcode cross reference table.
  • Transfer stock between locations using barcodes.
  • Conveniently check items on order for the expected receipt date.
  • Print purchase orders and receipts designed with the built in Specification Editor.
  • Generate an Order list from JobTracker jobs, Inventory, and Order Entry database.
  • Add items to the order list as they are required.
  • Generate purchase orders for vendors from the Order List.
  • Add items to active purchase orders from the Order List.
  • Edit Receipts until they are posted to Payables, automatically updating item cost in inventory.
  • Print a report of current and outstanding purchase orders.

POTracker is a flexible comprehensive, yet simple purchase, receiving solution that can be used with Adagio. Applicable to many organizations including Fabricators, Not for Profit and First Nations.