Do you need to track the status of a job, itemize parts and hourly work categories recorded against it, print a workorder, and identify all outstanding jobs? How about looking back at previous jobs, or accurately billing current jobs? Need to build an item and add it to inventory? JobTracker is your solution. JobTracker follows the progress of a job through from the beginning to the end, tracking parts and hourly work categories used in the process. Job details are quickly recorded, and progress can be tracked through user defined job stages. Print the workorder, record parts required, or as they are used, record hourly work categories from timesheets or workorders, change job status as it progresses, and display or print outstanding jobs by employee, date, or job status. Create recurring jobs, templates, quotes or jobs with a fixed price or budget. Invoice the job through Adagio Invoices, Order Entry, CounterSales or directly from JobTracker.


  • Track job details, or work completed on vehicles, equipment, jobs or projects.
  • Job history is retained for future analysis, reference and quotation.
  • Outstanding jobs are readily identified for customers or employees.
  • Detailed job reports organize and summarize information to assist billing.
  • Summarized parts and labour information support accurate quotations for similar jobs.
  • Due dates are identified and rescheduled with ease.
  • Accurate information means more timely and profitable billing.


  • Flexible configuration.
  • Multiple Job documents formats can be designed with comprehensive specification codes.
  • User defined job status, billing codes, work and parts categories.
  • Convenient export functions for invoicing and payroll.
  • Item quantity manufactured by a job can be transferred to inventory.
  • Serial numbers can be added to parts on jobs with SerialTracker.
  • Invoice jobs through CounterSales, Adagio Invoices or Adagio Order Entry.
  • Supports Quotations and Templates using prefixes and auto numbering.
  • Workorders/Jobs/Quotes can be copied or merged.
  • Phase field for parts and hourly work categories supports additional job reporting and analysis.
  • Special customer pricing for parts or categories can be set and used in JobTracker.
  • Add parts required for jobs to POTracker’s OrderList.
  • Update job parts costing when the POTracker purchase order is received.
  • Track all jobs performed on a specific Machine, Project or other Object.


  • Hydraulic Repair.
  • Chrome shop.
  • Sheet metal fabricator.
  • Equipment repair and rebuild.
  • Motor rewinder
  • RV Dealers
  • Marine service and repair.
  • Diesel engine parts and service.
  • Computer service and sales.
  • Refrigeration service company.
  • Adagio Consultant.
  • First Nations Housing
  • And more.

JobTracker is a versatile intuitive program that conveniently tracks parts and hourly work categories required to complete a job or task.