Invoice cash or on account customers.


CounterSales for Adagio provides cash register and sales invoicing functions fully integrated with, JobTracker, Adagio, Inventory, Ledger, Sales Analysis and Receivables. This convenient, easy-to-use point-of-sale system is designed to use A/R files for customer information, and I/C files for fast, accurate price look up, plus accurate invoice costing. Sales transactions are captured for direct posting to Inventory, Ledger, Sales Analysis and Receivable, plus backordered items can be added to the POTracker OrderList.

The program accepts user defined payment types and tracks salespeople. Valuable management and accounting reports are produced, supported by complete audit trails. Extensive sales history can be retained for future inquiry, analysis and reporting in both CounterSales and Sales Analysis.


  • Navigate all forms without using the mouse.
  • Existing CounterSales DOS users will quickly adapt to CounterSales for Windows.
  • Quickly identify and process items to be sold, for accurate sales invoicing.
  • Record, report and total payment types received for easy cash balancing.
  • Identify customer purchasing trends to assist marketing.
  • Determine inventory requirements through accurate and current records.
  • Analyze profits by invoice, customer and sales category.


  • Process sales, credit notes, payments on accounts and Paid Outs.
  • Look up items and customers directly from Adagio I/C and A/R.
  • Enter item serial numbers through SerialTracker prior to or during a sale.
  • Barcode scanning support to automatically select the item to sell.
  • Flexible discounting by line, invoice, or target subtotal for invoice before taxes.Payment types are user defined. Any method of payment can be supported including: cash, cheque, credit card, gift certificate, Interac, and on account.
  • Optionally update quantities on line.
  • Update Adagio Inventory Control at the end of the day.
  • Retain, inquire and report on customer, invoice and item history
  • View a customer’s previous purchases from the sales screen.
  • Default to the price list assigned to the customer.
  • Directly Integrates with Adagio A/R, IC, S/A, G/L, plus IMS Barcode Table, JobTracker and SerialTracker.
  • Numerous standard reports available including essential 40 column till slip reports.
  • Change the cost of non-stock items on the sales screen.
  • Customize the functions available at each station through the station profile.
  • Enter the target subtotal to get the exact discount or markup.
  • View gross profit from the sales entry Options list.
  • View quantities by location on the sales and credit note screen for any stock-item.
  • Invoice JobTracker jobs directly from the SalesEntry screen.

CounterSales is a comprehensive sales invoicing program that can be fully integrated with Adagio to provide complete wholesale, retail solutions.