A good versatile program to track the parts and labour required to complete a job or task. Use for work orders, quotes, recurring jobs, fabrication or machine management and best of all, it is integrated to your accounting system. Use job groups to organize jobs by machine, case, apartment or project.


POTracker provides comprehensive Purchase Order and Receiving functions for Adagio Inventory, Payables, Order Entry and IMS SerialTracker or LotTracker. Generate an Order List from Order Entry Orders and JobTracker Jobs. Even place a part on a job from POTracker purchase orders or receipts. Security options can control the maximum purchase order amount and the departments an item can be charged to by purchaser.


CounterSales provides point of sale, cash register and sales invoicing functions, fully integrated with Adagio Inventory and Receivables.


Schedule Events and assign resources to them. Initiate Timer Events for Resources and associate them with clients and jobs. Scheduler can be integrated to Adagio Receivables, and IMS JobTracker.


Create and edit reports from Adagio data and or IMS application data. Adagio Ledger, Adagio Inventory, etc and IMS CounterSales, JobTracker or POTracker. The data is there, report on it the way you want to see it.


Manage serialized inventory items, integrated with Adagio Inventory, OrderEntry and IMS CounterSales.


Manage lotted inventory items for expiry, recall or availability. Integrated with IMS CounterSales, IMS JobTracker, Adagio Inventory and Adagio Order Entry.


Print item shelf and barcode labels from Adagio inventory data. Labels can be printed for items in stock, on file or recently received. Read more about using barcodes in Adagio.


Do you need work order management for vehicle, equipment, machinery, project or vessel assembly, manufacture, service or repair? Build it or service it, ServiceTracker may be your solution.